Selling your home quickly and profitably is the goal when putting it on the market. However, your property might not be ready for the perfect sale because it hasn’t gone through a real estate marketing process. But what does this mean? Essentially, we would be giving potential buyers the perfect excuses to push for a lower sale price.

In this process, contacting a real estate agent could be the key to selling your property in the best possible way. This is where home staging comes into play. Basically, with this technique, we are going to present the property in its best possible light to sell it in the shortest possible time and at the best possible price. The goal is to make it attractive to the largest number of buyers.

A study conducted by the Asociación de Home Staging España (AHSE) based on 353 projects shows that creating this new space can sell a property about 8 times faster than the national average. It also avoids lowering the sale price and reduces the negotiation rate by increasing the sale price by 2.8%. How is this possible? It starts with the premise that something well-presented sells much faster. Decorating and furnishing the property in a neutral and depersonalized way with combinations of real objects and furniture can lead to success.

Although we understand that it is not easy to invest in a property for sale, a furnished and decorated property always adds attraction and comfort. Using home staging, we could be talking about an investment between €1,000 and €2,000. This is far less than the reduction in the sale price that the buyer may offer or the cost of buying new furniture for the sale.

In short, the results are always positive in terms of time, investment, and sales. Presenting the property well means selling it quickly and well, adding value to the home and reducing the final price negotiation thanks to home staging. At jaHOUSE Altea, we advise you on this technique to prepare the property you want to sell and give it that special and attractive touch that will ensure a sale. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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