Selling your house through a real estate agency: Translation to English

Putting our house up for sale through a real estate agency is an important decision, so we must choose a trusted professional who will help us sell our home in the best possible conditions. Real estate agents, beyond showing the house to a potential client, offer all their experience and knowledge of the sector, advising the seller on procedures, paperwork, prices and management. This saves valuable time and speeds up the sale of the house at a price in line with the real estate market.

Here are some questions that a seller usually has about the buying and selling process.

– How much will it cost me to sell the house through the real estate agency?

The real estate agency fees will depend on the circumstances of each seller and each property. As a general rule, a fee is agreed upon in the form of a commission on the sale price. Usually, it will be the seller who must pay these fees, for the services provided: attracting buyers and managing appointments, promoting and advertising the property, advising and preparing documentation, negotiation tasks.

– Should I leave the sale of my house exclusively or not exclusively?

The exclusive sale of a property refers to signing a contract with the real estate agency that will be responsible for the sale exclusively. In other words, only that real estate agency will be authorized to sell your house. You will not be able to entrust the sale to other real estate agencies until the period of time stipulated in the contract has ended. On the one hand, we can no longer count on other real estate agencies that can help us sell the house, but on the other hand, exclusivity has many advantages: The real estate agency has a unique house, so it will give it preference over potential buyers, it will dedicate more promotion and advertising resources to it than to other properties. The fact that a buyer can have the property available in different real estate agencies, often with different prices, generates distrust and encourages the buyer to negotiate the purchase price even more between the different real estate agencies. In any case, in order to leave the sale of the property exclusively, you must have a real estate expert who knows the area and the market in depth.

– How long will it take me to sell the house?

The average time to sell a house is usually around 10 months, but it depends on many factors, especially supply and demand and location. Statistically, a buyer will make 12 visits to properties before making a decision. Therefore, in order for them to decide on our property, we must take care of all the factors: from the first impression during the visit to the property, the ease of obtaining information about it, having set a suitable price, the flexibility of the seller to listen to offers and negotiate, etc. During the visit, we should try to talk as little as possible, without trying to sell the house at all costs, as the buyer may be suspicious. In this sense, real estate agents know better than anyone how to handle visits to properties.

The reality is that trusting the services of a real estate agency to sell the house can make things much easier for sellers, as they are responsible for attracting potential buyers, advising the seller on any aspect of the buying and selling process and speeding up the sale by obtaining a fair price for both parties.

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