Selling our home, along with buying one, is arguably one of the most important decisions we can make in our lives. In this sense, it is inherent that we ask ourselves if it is a good time to sell our home and even more so in these uncertain times marked by high inflation and global conflicts. Therefore, knowing the state of the real estate market is essential in order to close a successful transaction.

The real estate sector is going through a good moment in spite of the economic crisis caused to a large extent by the coronavirus pandemic. Proof of this is the number of sales transactions, which rose to 53,000 in Spain, the highest figure since 2008. However, the future rise in interest rates announced by the ECB and the consequent increase in mortgage rates could put a brake on the sale of our homes. In this context, the sector should be analysed more in order to have a more objective view to know if it is a good time to put our property for sale.

Although interest rates will rise, they will actually remain much lower than they were a few years ago. Likewise, selling your home can be a strategic alternative if you are interested in making your money profitable as an investment. In this line, it has been noted that many investors are withdrawing their money from the stock market to buy homes because this climate of instability is consolidating housing as a safe haven.

Selling your home at this time can bring many benefits, especially if the reason for doing so is to buy another home. So, if your home is in line with market conditions, its location and condition can be a great attraction at this time. And, even if the wind is blowing in your favour, to sell and buy a property, the experience of a real estate expert and advisor is of great help to ensure a successful and tailor-made operation.

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