Almost all of us would agree that buying a house is one of the most important decisions we will make in our lifetime. For this reason and the large investment we will be making, it is necessary not to make any mistakes when doing so. Fortunately, there are some guidelines that can guide you through this arduous process.

1. Needs vs. dreams: the first thing you should be clear about is what you need and what your objective is when buying a house. How much space (square metres) do you need now and in the future, do you need building works, location, style, flat, townhouse, parking, etc. However, you need to strike a balance between what you need and what you would really like, to be 100% sure of your decision.

2. Budget: obviously, dreams are one thing and reality is another. In this section, you should try to adapt to a budget and stick to it, as poor financial management when buying a house can complicate everything. Remember that balance will, once again, be the key to a smart purchase.

3. Real estate agent: once you have the two previous steps well thought out, one of the most useful options to help you buy a house is to contact a trusted agent. These professionals will make your task easier, choosing properties within the parameters of your choice.

4. Location: visit the property as many times as you need to, day and night. Observe the area to make sure that it is the ideal place to settle or invest in a property. When buying a house, it is a common mistake to visit once and not come back at different times. There are many factors to take into account: traffic, security, leisure areas, noise…

Remember: take the time you need to buy the perfect home and contact professionals to help and advise you through the process.

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